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Be sure to read the meet information, for all details.

**If possible, please remove any athletes who know will NOT compete BEFORE the entry deadline closes.

**NEW FOR 2007***  FIELD SIZES WILL BE LIMITED IN MANY EVENTS.  A list of accepted athletes into the meet will be posted at by 6:00pm on Wed, Jan 31.  We will not be keeping an alternates list.

**Some athletes will be accepted into Invitational sections in the 200m, 400m, 800m, Mile, 3k, and pole vault.  Please be sure to check the posted entry lists carefully.

**To avoid conflicts with the 60m and 60H races and the HJ and SP events, which use the same space, we have moved the 60m and 60H semi-finals to Saturday.  An adjusted time schedule is [here]

**Minimum marks for measurement in select field events are in place for this competition.  Minimum marks and starting heights are listed [here]

**Be sure to check back to for a revised time schedule after entries close.

**No changes or additions can be made to entries after the entry period closes.

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