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Entry for Billy Hayes Invitational

May 6, 2005 - Bloomington, Indiana

STEP 1 - Please enter your 4 x 100m and 4x400m relays

a) Enter your school name
b) Enter a seed time -- use NT for no time -- Leave time blank if you do not wish to enter that particular relay
c) press 'Submit' to be taken to the individual event entry page.

(If you have already entered your relays, just leave this section blank and press submit).

[If you have any questions about using this on-line entry form, please contact Robert Chapman at or at 812 855-9081]

***If not entering a relay, just press 'Submit' to be taken to the individual events entry page***


Event            Seed Mark (enter NT for no time - leave blank if not entering)

4x100m          'A' team             'B' team
4x400m          'A' team             'B' team

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pressing 'Submit'***