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--We have made one small final adjustment to the schedule (switching the M & W Steeple times).  Everything else is the same as the last revision.  The FINAL schedule can be found at the link below
[Revised Hayes Schedule]

--At the bottom of this page, there is a link to the heat sheets.  Due to the size of this meet, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES.  Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.

--Entry fees for the meet will be collected at the track on the day of the meet.  Entry fees will be calculated based on the entries received.

***Due to construction in the Hayes track parking lot, we ask that you park in the Assembly Hall parking lot and NOT in the track parking lot.  Please note that it is also an option to drop off athletes at the gate next to the hammer fields on Jordan Avenue Extension.

[Click here to view heat sheets]