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IMPORTANT UPDATES - Hoosier Classic - 1/15/05   

**Please print this page for your reference**

A link to a list of initial entries is below.  We are asking each coach (and unattached/club athlete) to do the following:

Please review the list of entries carefully.  If you have any corrections, scratches, additions, etc, the procedure is to send an email to with the appropriate information by 7:00pm EST on Thursday 1/13/05.  This is your last opportunity to make changes in your entries. 

***There are several athletes entered in multiple running events.  To make sure we don't have empty lanes, please scratch before the 7:00pm Thursday deadline.

***The men's 3k has been cancelled due to lack of entries.  The two entrants have been added to the mile, in case they still want to compete.

***We will seed the 4x400m relays 20min prior to check-in.  If you would like to run the 4x400, please have your teams check in with the clerk at least 30 min prior to the event.  You may run multiple teams (A, B, C, etc).

***The schedule is approximate.  We will follow a rolling schedule, which may run ahead of the printed times.  Please advise your athletes.  [Meet schedule]

Preliminary entries [entries]