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Entry for Indiana University Community 5k

September 1, 2006 - Bloomington, Indiana - 6:00pm race time (men and women race together)

Please enter your athletes.

a) Enter your school name.
b) Enter an athlete's last name and first name.
c) There are spaces to enter up to 10 athletes at one time.  When done entering a group of 10 athletes, press 'Print' on your web browser to save a hard copy for your records, and press 'Submit' to save those entries.  You will be given a link to come back to this page to enter additional athletes.  Simply repeat the process until all your athletes are entered.

[If you have any questions about using this on-line entry form, please contact Robert Chapman at or at 812 855-9081]

School Name

Last Name                First Name

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pressing 'Submit'***