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Register to Have Host Your Meet Entry On-Line

Registration takes just a few minutes.  You'll need your meet information handy - including: events you will be offering, schools that will be attending (each gender), etc.

A few notes:

1.    You MUST be using Hytek Meet Manager for Windows as your meet management software.  If you are not, contact us at to see if we can host your meet entries on-line.

2.    Choose your primary contact person carefully.  This is the person we will communicate if we have any questions.  It should be the person most familiar with the specific details of your meet and familiar with your computer set-up. 


Step 1 - Contact Information
Name of primary contact at your school
(i.e. the person who will receive the entry file from us)
email (our preferred method of communication)
work phone
cell phone (if applicable)
Billing contact
(i.e. who we should send the bill to)
street address
City, State  Zip
Step 2 - Meet information
For Step 2 - Meet information, you can either complete the form below, or email a copy of the meet information to
I am skipping this section and will email my meet information
Name of your meet
Date(s) of the meet
Location of the meet
Will you want schools to:
Complete a single entry, which also serves as their declaration
Enter by one date and declare/scratch from those entries by a second date
Entry deadline date
Entry deadline time
(Indicate time zone)
Declaration deadline date
(If applicable)
Declaration deadline time
(if applicable)
Men only,     Women only, or     both genders
List of events

List all of the events in your meet that can be registered for.  Be sure to include special sections of the same event (H.S. mile, college mile, etc). Include relays. Indicate if an event is offered only for one gender.

Special instructions

Include any special instructions or comments - example: A relays only or A,B,C relays allowed, 3 competitors per school/per event allowed, Unattached competitors allowed / not allowed,


List of schools - MEN

List the MEN's schools competing in your meet


List of schools - WOMEN

List the WOMEN's schools competing in your meet
(just enter 'same as men' if so)


Step 3 - Select additional services
Hytek meet set-up                No                Yes

With this option, we will set-up a Hytek file for your meet and import the entries for you. Cost $ 50 - $ 70, depending on your meet size.

Post accepted / rejected meet entries on our website
     No                  Yes

With this option, we will post a list of accepted/rejected entries on our website.  If you choose this option, we will contact you to see if you will prepare the list, or if you would like us to prepare the list, based on cutoffs for field sizes / marks that you send us.  Cost $ 20

Step 4 - Additional information
Include any other information or comments in the box.  We will contact you with any questions.